Portfolio Compression for outstanding IRS (MIFOR Benchmark) trades carried out on 12th August 2021



On 12th August 2021, CCIL successfully carried out a cycle of the Portfolio Compression exercise in the Interest Rate Swaps market for MIFOR Benchmark, aimed at reducing the overall notional outstandings and the number of outstanding contracts by identifying economically redundant trades for early termination. 17 large foreign, private and nationalized sector Banks participated in this exercise. Of the 3,299 trades between 17 members which were found to be eligible for being considered for compression, 2,797 trades were identified for early termination achieving a compression of over 84.78%. 2,594 trades were terminated fully while 203 trades were partially terminated. The reduction in market-wide Notional Outstanding of Rs. 1,41,086.35 crores was achieved through this portfolio compression exercise. The compression exercise included both trades cleared by CCIL and non-cleared trades.