Market Session Closed As on Jan 20, 2022 8:21:17 PM IST
Reserve Bank of India NDS - CALL Negotiated Dealing System
Money Market Segment
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   O/N   T+0   3.3500   15:18:36       O/N   T+0   4.5000   15:03:53       O/N   T+0   3.7500   15:00:52       7D   T+0   4.2000   11:59:43   

TenorSett. TypeMaturityTradesTTA (Cr.)OpenHighLowLTRLTAWAR
O/N T + 021/01/2022524825.503.904.652.803.358.004.3587
7D T + 027/01/2022130.
Total  534855.50      
Source: NDS-Call hosted at CCIL
RBI has advised that the timelines for all eligible Participants in the Call, Notice and Term Money Markets to obtain membership of NDS-CALL platform  is extended for another six month i.e., till March 31, 2022.