Date Segment Particulars  
Aug 23, 2007 Rate TR INR IRS Trades Download
Nov 30, 2011 Credit-TR Credit Default Swaps (CDS) for Corporate Bonds Download
June 22, 2012 FX-TR I Interbank USD-INR Forwards & Swaps and FCY-INR Currency Options Download
Oct 12, 2012 FX-TR II Interbank FCY-INR and FCY-FCY Forwards & Swaps and FCY-FCY Currency Options Download
Mar 13, 2013 FX-TR III Client transactions in Forwards and Currency Options Download
Dec 4, 2013 FX-TR IV Interbank and Client Cross Currency Swaps and FCY Interest Rate Swaps and Forward Rate Agreement and INR IRS Client Trades Download
June 1, 2017 OTC derivatives Introduction of Legal Entity Identifier for OTC derivatives markets Download
June 23, 2017 OTC Derivatives CCIL TR Rules Download
March 14, 2018 OTC Derivatives Schedule of Charges for Client Trades Download
June 14, 2018 FX-TR V Interbank and Client Transactions in Interest Rate Options and Swaptions Download
September 21, 2019 OTC Derivatives CCIL TR Rules with wef 21st Oct, 2019 Download
May 19, 2020 FX-TR New reporting guidelines issued by RBI in respect of IBU and Non Deliverable Derivative Contracts Download
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