12:28 Sep 25, 2023
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1. Trade & Margin Information System. 


CCIL provided the members with 'Trade and Margin Information System' for the Securities segment within CCIL's Reports Browser. The functionality has been designed to assist the members in keeping track of their margin requirements in respect of their trades in Government securities executed/reported by them through NDS Order Matching Platform (NDS-OM), Clearcorp Repo Order Matching System (CROMS). Sometimes the member’s SGF is used to meet its margin obligations in other segments like Forex USD/INR (for MTM and Volatility Margins), CLS, Forex Forwards and Rupee Derivatives as well. The system has been designed to enable the member to keep track of his total margin utilization including such margin utilization in other segments as well.


2. Online Margin Calculator 


To assist the members to know their margin requirement for their trades in Government Securities, CCIL has provided a web based Online Margin Calculator which provides on-line information about margin requirement of the members based on their outstanding trade positions. The Margin Calculator is an independent function of the ‘Trade and Margin Information System’. It is best viewed at 1024 x 768 in Internet Explorer 7.0.


The utility has been designed in such a manner that the members can use it alongside the web-based Trade and Margin Information System of CCIL. They can simulate cumulative margin requirements by entering particulars of trades likely to be executed by them (single trade or group of trades).


System also allows entry of new deposits into & withdrawals out of the existing SGF contribution. The members can do what if analysis so that they can assess the impact of a trade/set of trades on their margin requirement or of any new deposit or withdrawal from SGF. The Calculator can also be used by the members to compare electronically, the Security Settlement Segment reports in .CSV format with the particulars of trades entered in the software.


Margin Calculator can be accessed through logging into “Trade and Margin Information System” from the Report Browser. The Report Browser has a detailed help file included in it.

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