05:13 Oct 19, 2017
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The benefits of settling trades through CCIL are as under:

1. Establish a safe institutional structure for clearing and settlement of trades


  •  To provide efficient settlement system


  •  Novation - CCIL as Central Counterparty


  •  Guaranteed Settlement


  •  Lower Operational cost
2. Bring about efficiency in transaction settlement process


  •  Multilateral Netting benefit


  •  Efficient funds Management


  •  Short sale of securities


  •  Rollover of Repo trades


  •  When Issued Market
3. Insulate financial system from shocks arising from operations related issues


  •  Mitigation of Systemic Risk


  •  Alleviation of Credit Risk


  •  Reduction in counterparty exposure. (the exposure is extinguished upon acceptance of trades for settlement.)

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