The schedule of fees and charges as per Notification No CCIL/FXS-CLS/23/01 dated January 18, 2023; effective from 1st April, 2023 is given below:


Billing Particulars



CLS Trade processing fee

 (including submissions, amendments and cancellations)

USD 3.95

Per deal

Any other charges

On actual basis

As charged by the settlement bank

Error Financing Cost

(for not adhering to prescribed code word “/ACC/CLSFUNDING” in Field 72 of MT202 sent by Member Banks)

On actual Basis

As charged by the settlement bank

The above charges would be uniformly applicable across Banks in India, IBU entities set up in IFSC-GIFT city Gujarat and overseas branches of Indian Banks.


Following are the details of the currency in which the CCIL CLS services invoice would be raised:


Currency for billing

Banks in India

INR terms

IBU Entities

INR Terms

Overseas branch of Indian Banks

USD Terms