F TRAC is a reporting platform for Certificate of Deposits (CDs), Commercial Papers (CPs) and repos done in Corporate Bonds. Trades done in primary as well as secondary market for CDs and CPs need to be reported on this platform. Each counterparty needs to report its leg (BUY/BORROW or SELL/LEND) and the trades are matched. It is designated as a Trade Repository under RBI guidelines.


  • F TRAC is a reporting platform. It facilitates online dissemination of trade information to market as soon as trades are matched. As per RBI guidelines members are required to report trades on F TRAC platform within 15 minutes of the trade taking place.
  • FTRAC provides for double sided reporting, wherein each counterparty to the trade is required to report its own side. The reported deals are matched provided details provided by both the counterparties match. Thus effectively reducing chances of wrong/incorrect reporting. 
  • F TRAC provides ISIN holding statement to members by consolidating trades done in a security across primary and secondary market in CD and CP segment. Members can use this statement to reconcile actual balances in Demat Account.
  • The trades matched in CDs and CPs are automatically sent for further processing to respective clearing houses.