CCIL provides clearing and settlement services, for Triparty Repo trades in Government Securities, under its Securities Segment. CCIL acts as a Central Counterparty to all the borrow and lend Triparty Repo trades received by it for settlement. CCIL also performs the role responsibilities of Triparty Repo Agent, in terms of Repurchase transactions (Repo) (Reserve Bank) Directions, 2018 as amended from time to time. CCIL settles the Triparty Repo trades, in terms of its Securities Segment Regulations.

The Funds settlement of members is achieved by multilateral netting of the funds position in Triparty Repo with the funds position in Outright and Market Repo and settling in the books of RBI for members who maintain an RBI Current Account.  In respect of other members, Funds settlement is achieved in the books of Settlement Bank. Securities settlement for Triparty Repo trades, is achieved in the Gilt Account of the Member maintained with CCIL.  Securities obligation for outright and market repo trades is settled in the SGL / CSGL account of the Member with RBI.


Repo eligible entities who qualify and fulfil the eligibility criteria laid down for membership of Triparty Repo can apply for becoming a member in Triparty Repo. Repo eligible entities who are not member(s), may avail CCP services for Triparty Repo as constituents of a Clearing Member.

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