As on Apr 6, 2020 4:32:42 AM IST
The Clearing Corporation of India Ltd. FPI Debt (GSec) Utilisation Status
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As on date : 6-Apr-2020
:: Debt Utilization Status ::
Instrument TypeEligible Foreign InvestorsUpper Limit (INR Cr)Investment (INR Cr)Unutilised Blocks (INR Cr)Total Investment (INR Cr)% of Limits UtilisedLimit Available for Investment
Central Government SecuritiesGeneral246100.00000130688.86529416.47500131105.3402953.27114994.65971
Central Government SecuritiesLong Term115100.0000027540.370710.0000027540.3707123.9387559.62929
State Development LoansGeneral61200.00000748.368000.00000748.368001.2260451.63200
State Development LoansLong Term7100.000000.000000.000000.000000.007100.00000
* Total Investments includes amount invested in specified securities under FAR as indicated in this PDF

:: Security Wise Holdings ::
ISINSecurity DescriptionIndicative Value Of Aggregate Holding Of FPIS (INR CR#)Outstanding Position Of Govt# Securities (INR CR#)Sec Holdings (%)
IN002018002507.37 GS 20235180.7090039987.8130012.96
IN002012001308.15 GS 20228492.4610079000.0000010.75
IN002013001207.16 GS 20237662.2330077100.000009.94
IN002013006108.83 GS 20236797.9590083000.000008.19
IN002014001108.60 GS 20286517.7730084000.000007.76
IN002018045407.26 GS 20298561.43400118830.801007.20
IN002006007808.24 GS 20277210.32000111388.550006.47
IN002007002808.08 GS 20224295.6500068969.411006.23
IN002018048807.32 GS 20245009.3920087000.000005.76
IN002011002207.80 GS 20213248.3160067047.661004.84
IN002017017407.17 GS 20285380.52500113148.448004.76
IN002015003607.72 GS 20254186.8530090031.814004.65
IN002011003008.79 GS 20213577.6510082330.455004.35
IN002014004508.40 GS 20243372.3590079533.528004.24
IN002015001007.68 GS 20233572.2350088132.012004.05
1 2 3 4 5
:: Negative Investment List ::
ISINSecurity DescriptionAggregate Holding of FPIs as a % to outstanding Position of Govt
:: Re-investment of coupons in Government securities ::
Type of InstrumentInvestment (INR Cr) Unutilised Limit available with FPIs as per re-investment eligibility (INR Cr)Total Investment including unutilised limits (INR Cr)
Central Government Securities0.000000.000000.00000
State Development Loans0.000000.000000.00000
Total 0.000000.000000.00000
Source: FPI hosted at CCIL