09:16 Apr 13, 2024





FX-CLEAR, a forex dealing system, which was launched by Clearcorp on August 7, 2003, offers two modes of dealing i.e. Order Matching mode and Negotiation mode. The facility for trading in the FBIL USD/INR Reference Rate is available on the platform.


With effect from March 18, 2024, swap instruments extending up to 12 months along-with three up to spot instruments viz Cash/Tom, Cash/Spot, Tom/Spot, a LD/LD instrument (Month 1 end over Month 2 end) and two ORF instruments (Month 1 end and Month 2 end) has been introduced on the platform.


The platform offers guaranteed settlement from the point of trade for all the trades concluded on the Order Matching Mode of the platform, wherein these trades are automatically sent to Clearing Corporation. Accordingly, Clearing Corporation (CCIL) is the Counterparty for these Trades. 







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