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 Calculation of Charges/Expenses/Penalties:

Schedule of Fees and Charges

Sr. No. Particulars Charges






Settlement of Trades                    
(Payable by each counter-party)                     

Trade Value (in USD) Charges (per trade accepted per segment)
Upto 50,000 Nil
Above 50,000 to less than 100,000 Rs 10/-
100,000 to less than 250,000 Rs 20/-
250,000 to less than 500,000 Rs 45/-
500,000 to less than 1 million Rs 87/-

1 mio to less than 3 mio              

Rs 107/-
3 mio to less than 5 mioRs 121/-
Rs 145/-
Rs 170/-
Rs 194/-

2 Delayed payment of Transaction Charges and System Usage charges.
(If payment is made after 10th of a calendar month.)
5 basis point per day on the amount of charges.
3 Default

A) Bank Rate plus 5% p.a per day on the amount of default (INR or USD) till the default is fully met and
b) Line of Credit (LOC) charges incurred by Clearing Corporation to meet such (INR or USD) default.

4 Penalty on Cash Settlement

A penal charge of 0.01% shall be levied on the amount Cash settled.

5 Penalty on delayed payment

Settlement obligations in US Dollar received by Clearing Corporation after the cut-off time on the settlement date shall be considered as delayed payment and the applicable charges shall be levied, The charges levied will be @ 0.30% p.a.plus applicable taxes shall be payable by members on the US Dollar settlement obligations received by Clearing Corporation after 10:30 p.m. IST on the settlement date.

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