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Clearing & Settlement:

Triparty Repo system operates on a Straight through Processing (STP) environment. The trade flows from ClearCorp’s “TREPS” i.e Triparty Repo Dealing System seamlessly to CCIL for Clearing and Settlement. The trades received by CCIL are novated and netted for settlement. A single obligation is generated for each member for each settlement date by netting trades received for settlement on that business date, with net borrowing / borrowing repayment/ amount payable towards lending/ lending repayment receivable for the same business date.

Settlement Obligations:


The obligations determined for funds settlement of members is the netted position arising from Triparty Repo trades, market repo and outright trades. For those members who maintain a current account with Designated Settlement Bank (DSB) funds settlement is achieved at Settlement Bank and for those members who maintain current account at RBI funds settlement is achieved at RBI. The securities deliverable towards Triparty Repo borrowing and receivable for Tri party Repo lending, is determined based on the net borrowing/ lending outstanding for respective tenor in Triparty Repo. The securities deliverable towards borrowing are debited from the member’s GILT account  with CCIL,  immediately after closure of dealing session for T+0 settlement and securities receivable by lenders  are credited to the lenders GILT account with CCIL  after the Funds settlement is completed.


The settlement bank, shall process the instructions and send confirmations electronically.


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