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FX-Retail platform provides for an order driven dealing in the USD/INR currency pair for the Customers of banks. The Customers can access the platform through the Internet to place buy/sell orders in the USD/INR currency pair as per their requirement. The customers can book contracts in CASH (same day currency settlement), TOM (Next day currency settlement), SPOT (Trade +2 days currency settlement) and FORWARD (beyond SPOT currency settlement) instruments upto a period of 13 months including broken dates and Option period (not exceeding a period of 30 days).  The FX-CLEAR Inter-bank Spot rates are also available on the platform for view purpose.


Registration Process: The Customers are required to get registered for availing access to the FX-Retail platform. At the time of registration, the customers are required to fill an online application form providing the details of profile and Relationship Bank. On successful registration, the customer’s details are forwarded to the Relationship bank provided at the time of registration for verification and approval. On approval by Bank, the customer is provided with the user credentials on email which includes a login id and password.



Contract Cancellation: Customers can cancel the Forward contracts on the platform till the maturity date of the contract.


Rollover of outstanding Forward contracts: Customers can rollover (cancel and rebook) the outstanding Forward contract booked on the platform to a later maturity/settlement date. 


Early Delivery of outstanding Forward contracts: Customers can early deliver an outstanding Forward contract booked on the platform to an earlier maturity/settlement date.


Settlement: The customer deal will be settled bilaterally between the bank and its customer.



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