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The FX-Retail platform provides for an anonymous and order driven dealing in the USD/INR currency pair for the Customers of banks. The Customers can access the platform through the Internet and place buy/sell orders as per their requirement.   


Registration process: The Customers are required to get registered for availing the FX-Retail platform. A separate Registration portal is made available on the CCIL website. The customer shall provide the name of its Relationship Bank at the time of Registration. On successful registration, the customer’s details would be forwarded to the Relationship bank provided at the time of registration for verification and approval. On approval, the customer will be provided with the user credentials which would include a login id and password.


The Customers can trade in Outright Cash, Outright Tom and Outright Spot on the FX-Retail platform. The FX-CLEAR Inter-bank Spot rates would also be available to the customers for view purpose on the platform.


Settlement: Each matched trade of the customer may result in two transactions i.e. one between the customer and its bank and another between the customer’s bank and the counter-party bank except in cases where the customer orders are executed between the customer and customer’s bank. The settlement of the inter-bank deal (between the customer’s bank and the counter-party bank) will be the responsibility of these banks and will be settled as per the current CCIL settlement process. However, the customer deal will be settled bilaterally between the bank and its customer.


The platform has been launched in 2 phases.

   1. 1st July, 2019 - Customer Registration

   2. 05th August, 2019 - Trading System


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