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The Research Department in CCIL aims to support research activities of market participants and academicians by leveraging the informational content available with CCIL due to its pivotal role in the settlement operations in the Indian fixed income and forex market. The CCIL, over the past decade, has become a repository of data and research on Fixed Income, Money Market and Forex markets. The key activities of the research department can be broadly summarized as dissemination of data on the web-site as well as through infovendors, publication of daily, weekly and monthly research reports, conducting research projects, dissemination of indices and benchmark rates, organizing training programmes for market participants and conducting the CCIL Certification Programme.


Research at CCIL endeavors to track, analyze and study the various underlying concepts and theories governing the Indian financial market. Considering CCIL's key role in this market, and in order to improve the market efficiency and awareness we undertake research on yield curve analytics, member behaviour, market movement etc.


The statistics relating to the trading and settlement operations in the government securities, forex, money and derivatives market both on daily and historical basis is disseminated on CCIL's website and to major infovendors. Various indices like Bond, CASBI, Tenor, SDL and T-Bill catering to various investor classes and benchmark rates like CCBID/CCBOR and CCIL MIBID/MIBOR tracking the CBLO and Call markets and the CCIL Spot Reference Rate are released on a daily basis.


Various publications are released periodically to cater to the requirements of the market participants. The 'Market Analytics' report is released on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis tracking the movement in the various segments of the financial markets. A weekly 'Market Update' is published with analytics and data of the various operational activities of CCIL. A monthly newsletter 'Rakshitra' is published containing research articles, operational data analysis, macroeconomic analysis etc.  Brief updates on macro-economic indicators as 'Macro-economic updates' and a comprehensive report on Indian economy called 'Monthly Review of Economy' are also published on the website.


Regular training programmes are conducted on various topics relating to money markets, fixed income markets, derivatives, forex markets etc with participation from banks, mutual funds, financial institutions and corporates. The CCIL Certification Programme (CCP), an online examination aims to assess the theoretical and practical understanding of the candidates in the fields of the Fixed Income market, Forex Market, Risk Management, Derivatives etc.

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